With Deep Cycle Batteries, quality matters. Plate Chemistry, Constuction, Electroyte, all these things have to be right to get proper cycle life and stability in challenging applications. We know tht Pure Energy Batteries will be used for all sorts of demanding applications, so our batteries are made to the highest standards to match our customers expectations and needs.

These high capacity deep cycle batteries will not gas or spill and can be used inside your motorhome or holiday home. The rugged construction of these batteries prevents them from being damaged by vibration in vehicles and camper trailers.

Every year we are approached by manufacturers of cheap, low weight & low cycle life sealed batteries. They look identical to the good ones, but on test they perform very poorly. We see lots of vendors selling them and getting good ratings for their delivery service, but they are likely to be a waste of money and will be discarded & replaced fairly quickly once in-service.

This Pure Energy battery is an exceptional choice for powering camping fridges, lights and accessories in caravans, motorhomes, camper-trailers.

This is a fully sealed Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) 12Volt battery. It can be used on its side or under seats or beds in caravans as it will never leak or give off gasses while charging (unlike regular wet lead-acid batteries).

Call our battery experts in one of the Stores if you need any advice, or feel free to drop in and collect your order if you prefer.

These are guaranteed fresh stock, and they are fully charged and ready to go.


  • Width: 175mm
  • Length: 330mm
  • Height: 225mm inc terminals (220 without)
  • Weight: 32kg Approx
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Capacity 130Ah (Amp-Hours)at 20hour rate (C20)
  • Screw down M6 terminals. 
  • 1 Year Warranty


SKU Pure130_Webstore
Brand Pure Energy

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