Pure Energy Pb Crystal Batteries are the latest development in Lead-Crystal type batteries.

These batteries are superbly made from the highest purity materials, to provide much improved cycle-life and an ability to recover from deep discharges which would kill other Lead Acid batteries, including Flooded types and the popular Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries.

After several years in the Australian Market, and in some of the most demanding applications, the Pb Crystal Range has proven itself as a drop-in replacement for most AGM batteries, without product recalls or the requirement to increase charging rates up to 30%, as has been the case with some well other known brands. 

They boast a wide operating temperature range and are perfect for applications such as RV Caravan and Camping, Solar Storage, Standby Power (UPS and Telecoms). They are also superb in high-discharge applications due to their high purity active material.

Pure Energy Pb Crystal batteries can recharge up to twice as fast as traditional Lead Acid variants and have a long Cycle life, typically 2-3 times greater than AGM to same Depth of discharge (DoD).

With advanced SiO2 Electrolyte Lead-Crystal Technology, these batteries are Maintenance Free - Fully Sealed (Non-Gassing) and are 99% Recyclable.

Classified as Non-dangerous goods for land transport, the Pb Crystal range comes with a full 2 Year replacement warranty. 

  • Drop-In replacement for AGM 
  • Super-fast recharge time - up to twice as fast as AGM 
  • Huge Cycle life - 2100 cycles @ 20% DOD
  • SiOElectrolyte 
  • Maintenance Free - Fully Sealed 
  • 99% Recyclable Non-dangerous goods
  • 2 Year replacement warranty

Mechanical Specifications

Terminal Type M8

Total Height inc terminals  215mm

Height 211mm +/- 2mm

Width  169mm +/- 2mm

Length  307mm +/- 2mm

Weight 30.5kg


Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage 12 Volt

Capacity @ 20 hour rate  110Ah

Initial Charge Current (for cyclic use)  30Amps

Charge Voltages

Bulk 14.7V

Absorption 14.7V

Float 13.6V


SKU 366030
Brand Pure Energy

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