Pure Energy Lithium batteries are extremely high quality, with very high power outputs.  

Pure Energy Lithium Batteries are made by the leading vertically-integrated Lithium Battery manufacturer. This means the manufacturer does everything from processing the raw materials through to making the cells, the BMS, the case and all components for superb quality and reliability. They are the No.3 producer Globally for the Lithium Cells which are used in these products, so they have excellent R&D capability and test performance.
Featuring a high power built in Battery Management System (BMS), they come in regular case sizes so are an ideal replacement for many lead acid batteries - with greater usable capacity, reliability, cycle life and low weight. 
Unlike many of the cheaper brands on the market, Pure Energy Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries are guaranteed to use only new cells inside! 
You can tell the difference by the power output - these are the only 100Ah Lithium batteries on the market capable of driving the larger inverter sizes, so now you can enjoy your coffee machine, hair dryer or jug kettle when on battery power. Most Pure Energy Lithium battery models offer at least twice the continuous current output of rival lithium brands. They are the safe lithium Chemistry (LiFePo4 ) so they will not burst into flames if overcharged or faulty. They come with a standard 3 year replacement warranty.
Pure Energy  LiFePO4 12V/100Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Chemical
    Lithium Iron LiFePo4
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    -20°C ~ +60°C
  • VoltageV :
  • Amperage :
  • Max Discharge Rates:
  • Max Continuous Current:
  • Max 10 Second Pulse :
  • Min Charge Current :
  • Nominal Charge Current:
  • Max Charge Current :
  • Max Charge Voltage :
  • Cycles @ 100% DOD :
    2000 Cycles
  • Cycles@ 80% DOD :
    3000 Cycles
  • Cycles@ 50% DOD :
    3500 Cycles
  • Cycles@ 30% DOD :
    8000 Cycles
  • Low Voltage cut out :
  • Maximum In-series voltage :


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Brand Pure Energy

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