Portable Solar Blankets

Pure Energy Solar Blankets are light-weight, compact and tough! Built with mono-crystalline solar panels, laminated onto a canvas backing and sewn into an integrated carry case, they can be folded out into a full size solar setup.

You can hang the Pure Energy Solar Blanket over your windshield, on your four wheel drive roof, or use them free-standing on the ground with the integrated adjustable legs for the optimum angle & maximum solar charge!

The adjustable integrated legs means you won't lose the legs. Most other models either don't have legs at all, or have a seperate wire stand that is easily lost and not sold seperately.

There are metal eyelets in all 4 corners, as well as at the base of the legs. This means you can secure the panel with tent pegs while it is free-standing so it cannot blow over! You can also use these eyelts to secure the panel to your windscreen, tarp or anywhere else you choose.

The panel is design to fold up into an integrated protective carry case. Like the legs, this means you can't lose the case!

The built in solar regulator features a USB output that can charge your phone without a battery connected. 

Pure Energy Blankets come with a 5m lead with equiped with Genuine Anderson plugs, and an Anderson-Aligator clips adaptor.